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Car Repair Shop: Services, Benefits & How to Choose One?Car Repair Shop: Services, Benefits & How to Choose One?

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We are very proud to offer you an additional guarantee to that offered by the manufacturer since we trust in the reliability of our staff and our equipment, which has the most modern resources to diagnose faults in your car, as well as for your repair.

In all the jobs, we use original spare parts, and we make it very easy for you, offering you both the possibility of picking up your car and delivering it to you repaired at home as long as you have a replacement car for as long as yours remains in our workshop.

And, if you cannot afford your repair in one go, we offer you some very interesting financing possibilities so that you can pay it in comfortable installments without interest.

Extended repair warranty

In addition to the legal guarantees, the whose established term is three months or 2000 km. We offer an additional extension much higher than the regulations. Our official guarantee covers the cost of labour and repair materials, whether the cause is due to an assembly or manufacturing defect of the part or an assembly or repair error.

National guarantee

A great advantage is that you can travel in peace because our guarantee is covered and can be made effective in more than 800 workshops spread throughout the national territory and with preferential attention.

Manufacturer warranty

In accordance with Regulation, if your vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty period, it can be maintained at our facilities just like at the official dealer. That is why we can seal your Maintenance Bookkeeping the Brand guarantee.

Sheet metal and paint area

One of the things that should matter most to us when taking our car to the workshop is that it has its own area for sheet metal and paint.

This guarantees that in case of having to touch some sheet metal or paint, the repair will be done in the workshop itself, and the same workshop will respond to the problems. If you go to an alternative workshop for those that do not offer their own service, the problems may come later if something happens with the repair.

Advanced diagnostic machine

The thing about walking around the car blindly looking for problems changing cables and testing is over (in part). There are still old cars on the market, but very few do not have their own diagnostic unit.

The latest models monitor practically all the parameters of the car, and with a single diagnosis with the machine on duty, it will be possible to find the problem easily. Runaway from those workshops where there is no quality machine or qualified personnel to handle it.

Quality elevators, in different boxes

Another thing that you should be able to see in the workshop (if you can see it, otherwise you can ask to visit it) is a different pit area with different elevators.

Workshops with little room to make repairs can give us blows to the vehicle due to the small area of ​​action and the volume of work since they are usually not well equipped.

Reception area

Another thing that a workshop must have is a reception area. A person will be in charge of receiving you, taking the data and giving you all the necessary papers to deliver your vehicle to the workshop.

This will give you more reliability and will also take away responsibilities since you are not the one who should deal with the mechanic but a mediator who will explain things to you clearly.

Qualified professional

Last but not least, the workshop must have qualified personnel to carry out the necessary repairs on your vehicle. No old workshops where the staff has not been trained.

If the repair is of a very old car (20 years or more, which should no longer be), it may help you, but today it is necessary for mechanics to master electronics and diagnosis to be able to repair your car efficiently and cheap, because in the long run, saving on car maintenance can be very expensive.

With this, we do not try to less value small workshops, not at all. There are workshops that are growing and that do it very well but if you do not have confidence or references about those workshops, try to avoid them.

Basic principles for home car repair

Especially the electronic components of the car should be left to the professionals. If the wrong settings are made here, the vehicle no longer starts in the worst case or interprets the driver’s commands in a dangerous way.


These are the parts you can fix yourself without any hassle!

The parts of the vehicle that can be repaired at home depend, of course, on the build series, the year, and the technical skills of the vehicle owner. The most common areas where it is possible to perform repairs or change wearing parts are as follows:

  1. Lights: When one or more lights fail, replacement bulbs can easily be screwed in to avoid a workshop visit. This works on all cars where the classic bulbs are still used. Xenon headlights are considerably more durable in comparison, but they require a workshop to replace them.


  1. Windshield Wipers: When your windshield wipers wear out, and you no longer have a clear view when it rains or snows, you should replace them as soon as possible. It is usually very simple, even for a layout, since it is enough to remove and fit it.
  2. Paint and bodywork: The repair of minor scratches or the removal of dents are just some of the possibilities to give your vehicle the desired look. Of course, it depends on the size of the body damage. When over varnishing cracks or rust spots, care should be taken to choose the exact colour.
  3. Tires: Also, tire replacement is a task that can be done at home. In most modern vehicles, you only have to be careful with the electronic pressure sensors. Here it is worth asking for help from a specialized workshop to carry out future tire replacements yourself.

In addition, many garages know that car owner consider doing the repair themselves for financial reasons. Therefore, it has special offers. Services like Smart Repair for minor damages like dents and scratches have been established nationwide. After a RACE test, however, it is recommended to take a closer look at the provider in question. Services and expenses vary enormously, so it may be worth asking for a second estimate from the corresponding workshops.

Finally: the only determining factor when deciding if one dares to carry out the repair at home are the tools that are available. Apart from classics such as crosshead wrenches and lifting jacks, a large set of torque wrenches and screwdrivers, ratchets, ratchets and other tools are required. If, like layout, you don’t have a toolbox, you have to think otherwise. Buying tools for a one-time repair can be more expensive than going to a workshop.

10 Great Reasons That Differentiate Us

  • By service
  • By quality
  • By guarantee
  • For compromise
  • For transparency
  • For trust
  • By experience
  • By price
  • For advice
  • For prestige

What do you have to consider to find the auto repair shop?


Like anything else, car repair is a skill that develops over time. As they experience more and more scenarios and solutions over the years, good mechanics are better equipped to handle whatever situation may arise. Also, an auto repair shop wouldn’t have a long history if it didn’t provide competitive and reliable service.

Customer service

How your mechanic treats you is extremely important. If you are going to put your money and your trust in a shop to repair your car, then you should receive excellent and loyal service in return. The repair shop isn’t doing you a favour; you’re doing them a favour by giving them your vehicle. A good mechanic will know and treat you accordingly.

Competitive price

A large garage can offer dealer-quality service at a fraction of the price. Especially in today’s tough economy, the consumer will be attracted to affordable prices. When it comes to their cars, no one wants to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. That is why it is important to look for a repair shop that has the integrity to offer competitive prices in this slow market.


Make sure your auto repair shop has all the proper certifications to work on your vehicle. Mechanics should be well versed in everything from engine oil change and service, fluid change and service, engine tune-up and belt inspection to engine rebuild, electrical chassis repair, suspension service and repair drive train. Make sure your shop can handle all the necessary tasks.

How to protect yourself from scammers:

  • Friends and family can often recommend car repair shops with whom they have had a good experience. If they are also clean and tidy and the staff are friendly, it is unlikely that it is a black sheep.
  • Make time for the appointment, research the symptoms beforehand on the Internet, stay for the review and ask questions. Do not accept quotes directly; ask for alternative spare parts and negotiate the price. Never buy complete packages!

How to defend yourself:

  • It is possible to request Consumer Arbitration, whose arbitration bodies mediate between the opposing parties free of charge for the applicant and issue binding awards.
  • If you want to consult a lawyer, you should do so as soon as possible. However, it is advisable to give the workshop the possibility of correcting the invoices. Legal proceedings can be lengthy and expensive.

Classification of a Car Repair Shop

They are the industrial establishments in which operations are carried out to restore the normal operating conditions of the vehicle or its equipment and components, in which changes in their conditions are revealed after the end of their manufacture.

These are classified according to the relationship with the vehicle manufacturer, distinguishing between GENERIC or INDEPENDENT WORKSHOPS, the limes are not linked to any brand, and OFFICIAL BRAND WORKSHOPS, which are linked to a specific manufacturer.

It can also be classified, according to the branch of activity to which they are engaged, in mechanical workshops, when it comes to repairing or replacing the mechanical system of the vehicle; electricity-electronics, in the case of repair or replacement work on the electrical-electronic equipment of the automobile; bodywork, in the case of the repair or replacement of bodywork elements on the carrier, saddlery and interior and exterior conditioning thereof; of paint, when they carry out painting, coating and finishing of car bodies.

The legally classified workshops must hang on the facade of the building and visibly display the corresponding distinctive plate, which in the upper part must include the four branches of activities; in the intermediate one refers to the specialties; and in the lower one, reference is made to the initials of the province where the workshop is located, to the contrast, and to the number.

Car Repair: Our Conclusions

For a decade, the possibilities to carry out a repair on the vehicle itself have diminished. When it comes to the performance of the engine or the electronics, expert knowledge is required. Therefore it is highly recommended to go to a workshop. Only to change simple wearing parts is it acceptable today for every car owner to take the reins of repair.…